Unreal Engine

A Bridge from Blender to the Web

Agape Effect Node tools not only bring your 3D assets to the web, but also empower them to carry VFX, animation across metaverses and different chains

Realtime Web Editor
  1. What you see and what you get
  2. For you create VFX and simulations, materials and moreā€¦
Web Native Rendering
  1. Fast for Mobile Deployment and Iteration
  2. Quick Development
  1. Portable VFX Content Runnable Across Metaverse
  2. Embeded VFX JSON in GLB with a OpenSourced Metaverse Runtime
Affordable Metaverse Economy
  1. Metaverse Ownership for All
  2. Fair Trade & Low Entry Barrier
  3. Open Economy for GLB Centric Creative Content
  4. You can sell VFX shoes and buyer can use it in all compatible metaverses.

Real-time Web Editor

Allows you to bring your 3D assets to the web with

  1. VFX, Physics and particle simulation
  2. Beautiful node based shaders
  3. Lighting & Post processing

Decentralized interoperability

Wallgarden assets vs open assets

  1. Agape tools empower 3D assets and NFTs to carry VFX, animation and
  2. potentially game logics across metaverses and different chains.

Web Native

Edit on the Web - What you see is what you get!

  1. Fast for mobile
  2. Quick development

Brands that uses Agape Engine

Our commitment: Battle tested use cases for a battle tested engine Agape Effect Node Engine is a product built using our past experience building 3D website for clients


Open Source and Affordable Metaverse for Many

Our vision is to make metaverse technology affordable for many by lowering server rental cost by optimization GPU and streaming process lowering entry barrier for web Devs Facilitating quick deployments

Since Agape Effect Node Engine is an open source project we want to continue this movement with you. You can give this version a try to feel the design and also test the quality of the code!

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Awards and Recognitions

The Award winning 3D Web Engine and Metaverse builder

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